Choosing the best coverage for you and your family is easy when you have the right agent.

Hibner Insurance Agency

South Dakota Auto Insurance Coverage

Did you know Hibner Insurance Agency has a convenient way to shop for auto and home insurance in South and North Dakota.  This awesome feature comes to us from EZlynx the developer and vendor of our agency management software package.  This online rater returns accurate rates on qualified business  based on the same quoting system and prompts as our agents use.  This system is Innovation at its finest, You will need information from your current insurance policy such as your limits of liability and your vehicle identification number.  Give it a try today!!!

Options to Compare Quotes

You would not believe how many combinations of options and endorsements are available for a South Dakota auto policy.  Each insurance carrier has their own claim to fame along with their own endorsements and provisions.  Unless you really know insurance you should enlist the help of a licensed agent.  We have agents on staff to not only explain the differences in coverage but to help you select the proper coverages to best protect you and your family.

Working with an Agency

Working with an independent agency provides the opportunity to avoid coverage gaps. Our trained agents can spot potential problem areas and address those issues before a claim arises.   Independent agents work for the consumer to round personal coverage goals and needs, and answering questions about South Dakota auto insurance laws, additional coverage options and a wide range of other topics associated with your individual risk.  It is also possible to find out about bundling opportunities or discounts that may be available based on a personal driving record or claims history.

An agent works for the client and provides comparison solutions that make it easier to find the right coverage plan for personal goals. By working with an independent agency, it is possible to address all of your personal concerns and focus on meeting your insurance needs.

It is not as hard to find the right coverage plan as it might seem because our agency can help narrow down the choices and provide answers to any questions that arise. Contact us today to find out more information about comparing insurance options or to talk to an agent.