Choosing the best coverage for you and your family is easy when you have the right agent.

Hibner Insurance Agency

South Dakota Health & Life Insurance

Protecting personal health or the health of workers and their families is an important part of obtaining peace of mind. South Dakota health insurance and life insurance are essential aspects of providing Bison residents with the peace of mind they need to feel safe when they are at work.

Basic Protection

Nisland, Lemmon, and surrounding area residents need a basic health insurance and life insurance plan to feel confident in their personal safety and the financial safety of their families. A term life policy or a whole life policy can offer financial security while health coverage provides immediate relief in case an accident occurs.

Individual plans are not always the same as a family plan. An individual plan is designed for the needs of just one person. It may include auxiliary insurance, which is designed for volunteers or workers in dangerous situations, or more mundane protection for normal, life activities.

Finding the Right Plan

Identifying the plan that is appropriate for personal goals and needs can be hard. A term life plan may be appropriate for an individual who has limited financial responsibility, but a whole life policy might be required for a family who would struggle financially if an accident occurred.

The best way to organize and identify the right coverage plan is by working with an independent agent. An agent from an independent agency, like Hibner Insurance Agency, can explain the different policy options and provide answers when questions associated with health or life insurance arise.

Since each individual has a different financial goal, specific health needs or financial concerns that may arise when loved ones pass away, finding the right policy is essential to feeling safe. Contact us to talk to an independent agent and find out more about the best policy for personal goals and needs.


What are auxiliary health policies?

Auxiliary health policies are those extra policies that you may want to have for you or your family. We work with very well known and top rated companies in SD. These policies include on a direct basis:

  • Dental coverage
  • Critical Care & Recovery
  • Accident
  • Cancer

On a payroll basis we can offer:

  • Accident
  • Short-term Disability
  • Cancer
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Personal Sickness Indemnity
  • Critical Care & Recovery (CC&R)
  • Lump Sum CC&R
  • Lump Sum Cancer
  • Intensive Care
  • Dental
  • Vision

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